Saturday, August 8, 2009


This past few weeks, i'm having lots of fun spending my precious time with my dearie classmates,Nana and Josephine.. little friends of mine, Kei,Mun,Kah Yee,Cm... and yeap, no BF topics for today.. =X hehe.. now let the picture do my talk.

During englsh class, the lecturer ask us to do sketch practice for our final presentation for this semester... and the topic we got is 'Cinderella'.. and the one who plays Cinderella was Shu Jin.. omg.. i cant stop laugh during the play..
the so call ''Cinderella''

The Fake BOOBSSsss.. haha

oh ya, also.. the Snow White>> Wai Chee~
*his skin really as white as SNOW WHITE tho.. hahaha*

Well, past few days ago, Nana brought us here.. omg!!! you must try this!!! it's really nice~~ i'm addicted to it!! will go have it again next week hehe..
really having fun spending my time with both of them.. nana and jo.. appreciate you guys =)

nana:*hen er xing ah~~~*

And then,, Yesterday.. a sudden plan to go full house with the girls instead of jaya one and snowflake due to something else... Had a lil conversation with kei during driving home..
really long time we didnt talk like last time... feels so good =)
*omg!! i just realise that i didnt take picture with kah yee that nite!!*

having lots of fun these few weeks.. although there's some family problem come accross..
it's time to study from now on *sigh*... tons of assignment waiting for me...
ciow ppl~~


Thursday, July 23, 2009


hey people, yes, i'm having sick right now.. its like damn sick.. and i cant even manage to school not till today.. sigh.. no energy.. no appetite.. its actually feel like eating things that i cant eat right now.. like~ ice-cream.. it suddenly pops in my mind randomly for couple of time.. oh ya, and i even smells durian when i'm taking my short nap just now.. *i'm wondering where that smell come from.. or maybe just my dear farted beside me? because when i woke up i told him i smell durian~ and he's like smile with me gentlely.. hmm??* whatever it is.. i'm waiting for my sick to recover asap as i really craving for Haegen dazz ice-cream fondue so badly.. and dear promised me to but me banana flitter and the king of fruits!! D.U.R.I.A.N!!! i know all these will anly let my weight gain more and more.. but well, can i have it just for lil bit please??? haha..

okayy okayy.. cut the craps joanne liew..
actually the main topic of this post is something happens to me recently.. and something tragically insulting mylife!!!
well the story begins like this, first i started to move in my dear place here.. by the first, everything was running smoothly... But when time goes by, everything seems i have to done all by myself.. its like not all for my ownself nor my dear. but it's for *him* also.. like cleaning the whole house, washing my own clothes and my dear's clothes and even i have to wash for him as he's wearing my dear clothes.. the genius of *him* thought that i dunno that he wear my dear's clothes he straight away throw his dirty shirts mix to my dear's chirts..(God Damn you!! you're not as genius as you thought, you think i dunno? you know how stink is your f***ing shirts?? can you at least put on some body fragrance to prove you smart? i'm not as stupid as you thought k??) And you guys know what?? he not just wear my dear's clothes, he also wear my dear shoe and even socks man!!! EEeewww!!! Yucks!! you're damn disgusting!! can you imagine that sharing socks that had been wore? its like the combination of the stink smells from my dear's foot and his even more stink foot!!! omg! i feel like vomiting while typing these nor these word came accross my mind~ Besides that, something really pissed my off is, HE IS USING MY FUCKING LAPPIE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!!!!! AND ALSO MY SKIN CARE!!! Also, i'm SUSPECTING that he's using my fb account to views my friends.. (well can you please get a life??!!?! its like no ones will like you, you this weirdo!! no wonder that girl rejected to be your gf, and luckily i do not introduce all my friends to you.. as you always trying to use me to get know ma lui*the twins* because of they're pretty well you know what?? hell no i'll introduce to you!!) According from my dears, he becomes more weird ever since he move into his new college.. he would never share his story to my dear.. mean while, he knows everything about my dear.. what kind of friend is this? and he complains that my dear's ex-housemates taking those camwhore picture like so gay shits but the next day? after his prom? he, himself camwhore in somewhere else with those even worst than giggolo poser! omg i cant believe he turns out like this! And also, he always pretend like he was so damn innocent when hanging out with my dear's bro they all.. its like totally differents when infront of us... (its like why are you doing this?? what you'll get by doing this?? how old are you?? you are already 21!! but still acting like below 15!! you think you're mature enough?? you think you study that course are suits you so much untill you puts your eye on top of your forehead? dont you thin you've wasting a lot of your precious time?? everytime said wanna change.. the new college the new begining.. you said you'll do your best in this new course but then?? all your homework you copy and paste.. it's okay if you're copy and paste but do you really know what you're doing?? i dont think so.. *its not that i simply say i have prove.. and doesnt mean my work is better then you but.. i'm speechless towards you..*) it's away long stories to tell about him!!! sigh.. i have 1 word for him is..
WHATEVER!!! whatever you wanna do please go ahead! whatever manners you have it's up to you, and i dont care.. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO TO FACE THIS KIND OF PEOPLE???!!?! its like where's his manners? do he feel guilty?? do he feel bad?? ARGH!!!! stop saying bout him joanne liew!! stop it!!!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Short Updates

Hey people, sorry for neglecting my blog for long time.. well, many thing happens in this couple of weeks.. and yes, i'm in holiday now.. but left few days more class will start again.. wondering how my result will be.. i admit that i did not do well in the exam.. but i've tried my best.. sigh.. hopefully it wont disappoint me though.. Well, for my recently news are i'm officially moved in my dear's place.. and this is not what i want.. i'm really facing home sick.. i miss my maid(because i do not need to wash my cloth myself, there's my maid to cook food for me when i'm starving but now?? sigh) i miss my bed, and of course my room although it was messy 24/7.. SIGH!! all of this because of this stupid family problems.. i dont wanna write it out.. you all know what you all did.. sigh, sad. thats it.. i better stop talking about my family this will only let my tears drop on my keyboard.. =( Lets talk about my holiday, well this semester break although its not long as i thought but i think it's enough for me because the longer the holiday will only let myself lazzier.. well in this entire holiday i had a lots of fun.. like.. celebrating my dear 21st birthday.. the first time i club with the twins, ping, and dear's classmates.. i really had a great time that night.. camwhore until my phone out of battery.. LOL. Besides, i followed my dear to klang for 2 weeks respectively followed by 1 more weekend which is last week the first time i drive myself all the way from kl to klang.. *i'm so proud that i'm not lost that time whoo hoo!!* and, oh ya! i've started to lovveee play badminton.. Last, friday i've went for chilling session with kei, mun , yip, kit, xin yi and also kah yee.. i felt so suprise that they'll ask me out.. well, talked with yip in his during he fetch me home suddenly felt like both of us changed alot.. well it's not negatively, but positvely.. yip grown up alot.. he became so optimistic.. i guess i know what keeps in his heart although he didnt showed but however.. i hope he really okay.. however, yip:' kau tetap sayangku betul tak yang??' haha really felt so greatfull to have a friend like him.. although many misunderstanding came accross.. still you're my best best best buddies ever!!! well, i guess i have to cut off those craps and let the picture continue my post..

Dear and i at cocobanana celebrating his 21st bday bash.. although i not like that place songs are bored i cannot get drunk due to i have to drive after that *end up ping driving my car cause of my leg pain and i thought i left my car license at her place which i founded in my car.. sorry for my clumssyness hehe*! but still i'm having fun tho..

Shorty like mine~~
i kissed the girl i like it!!!
The twins and that random pretty girl..
groupy pics with them during chilling session at 'happy four season cafe' well suprisingly that place is not as suprise as i thought..
the winter sits are not as cold as i thought..
Its decorated like really cold but what i thought is.. at first i thought it'll really cold till i couldn't talk and it will all furnished by ice like chair, table and so on..
but all of its out of my thought, and something i wish to complain is, it's okay if its not full furnished by ice but can you at least put some curtain?? cos the view is not nice at all...
*no doubt, it's just my oppinion*
but however, i'm quite happy that day..
the venue doesn't really insult my mood that time.. hehe

wondering how long we didnt take picture together.. 2 years??
My besties ever!! i heart you sayang~
Prawn fishing..*sorry i do not really know what this activity called so i just name it prawn fishing*lol

well my dear waiting for the prawn so patiently..
well i look sucks that day so no picture for me that day..
i took this pic when i'm wondering how long i have to wait for the prawn to eat my wormy~

omg!! that worm!! i tell you guys, even how many pieces it cuts it still can move!! and it's really disgusting..

well no matter how disgusting it is we still manage to get some prawns.. hehehe

looks yummy huh? guys, ya'll should try.. it's located somewhere at jalan ipoh..
it's healthy activities to do during night time instead of clubbing..


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pulau Redang.

Well, as what i've promised that i'll post up my redang picture.. although it is not as much as i wanna post but the picture will still tells you guys the story.. enjoy~
sweet couple no.1 dear's bro aka Stanley and his gf, WeiWei
sweet couple no.2 aka snokerling king and queen, Brenda&Victor
*geez both of them non stop snokerling.. and guess what?? they don't use life jacket omg!!*
the sweet sweet sweet couple no.3 Wendy&Ken
*don't know why i'm just so inlove this picture especially wendy's adorable smile=)*

poor Wei Ming got attacked by the guy gone wild in the sea..
they're trying to pull off his pants!!

if i'm not wrong from the left is Brenda following by wendy and weiwei

me, dear and dear's bro..

one chinese word for you victos: 'geng!'

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Yes people!!!! i'm back from Redang.. it's really fun being at there.. more picture will be upload once i get those picture.. hehehe..
stay tuned people!!!
last but not least before i end my post now,
HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to my DEAR!!!!



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Short Updates.

Finally i i have done with my all presentation.. it's really long way to go though.. but it's fun to have them as my groupmates.. i love ya'll!!!
Well there's left 2 topic test that i'll take after this week while others are enjoying their holidays for 1 week due to i'm going to redang tomorrow's night.. omg.. i just cant wait!!! well lets talk about yesterday though, it's the last time of our group dicussion yesterday.. we have to get prepared for the maths presentation today which is worth 30% of my course work.. i hope the we can pass this presentation as well as credit.. well after the discussion, nana had accompany me to pyramid as i was in bad mood and craving for a shopping spree.. poor nana have to accompany me although i know she was tired.. and she was look messy while shopping with me.. and omg!! i've spend 200++ for only 2 piece of surf pants.. now only i realise that how horrible when a girls gone wild in shopping.. they'll never looks the price when they're buying those stuff which is not worth that price.. sigh.. fact is fact.. i've bought that pants and i'll wear it no matter what.. but i'll ''promise'' no next time.. haha.. i guess.. well yesterday chit chat alot with this nana girl.. and it's really fun to shop with her.. i love you babe..!! haha
i guess thats its.. i got not really much to say as i'm waiting for tomorro!!!! hell yeah!!